Future Imperfect: A Recap of NYC Media Lab Summit 2021

Senaida Ng, Alex Shapiro, Brooke Eplee and Kate from DOTDOT on the NYC Media Lab panel

On October 20th, 2021, MiSynth participated in NYC Media Lab’s highly-coveted, annual summit. This year’s theme was “Future Imperfect”. Excitedly, during the Opening Ceremony of the Summit, NYC Media Lab announced that MiSynth would receive the Most Impact Award from the NYC Media Lab x ASCAP Immersive Studio Challenge, which took place this past spring. In addition to being recognized as the most innovative startup from the challenge, MiSynth will also receive an additional $3500 from ASCAP to help fund research and development.

MiSynth, along with Team DOTDOT joined composer and ASCAP board member, Alex Shapiro, and Brooke Eplee, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at ASCAP for a conversation on music and technology. To open the conversation, MiSynth’s founder and CEO, Senaida Ng, gave a brief description of MiSynth, and was instantly praised by Alex, a composer and ASCAP board member, who described the concept as “mindblown territory”. She also noted how MiSynth will be instrumental for musicians and producers with visual and audio impairments, citing her own visual disability. 

When asked by Brooke what the future of MiSynth looks like, Ng responded that the core of what MiSynth is built on is “accesibility, individualization, and really creating music and art that comes from your imagination-- imagination is the only limit to the art that you can create”. She continued, saying that “we have the ability to conceive of things that aren’t even real, that nobody else can see, and then we realize them and bring them to life”. In order to accomplish this, MiSynth will release a “suite of plugins that will lead to a metaverse VR application that will rethink the studio and what music creation is”. 

“Your voice is special and should be heard”, remarked Senaida, when discussing how the collaboration of music and technology will allow musicians to create music from their inner voice, and not be overstimulated by all the competing sounds that they could choose when producing music. 

MiSynth is so appreciative of ASCAP’s support and is excited to continue working with them in the future. 

Watch the full workshop here.

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