Abbey Road Studios' Red Talk highlights innovations in neural interfaces and music

Abbey Road hosting event on Zoom

On March 24, 2022, Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, hosted their 12th Red Talk event on Mindful Musicality: Neural Interfaces and our Musical Consciousness. The hybrid event featured guest speakers researching and working within the space of neural interfaces, music and brain-computer musical interfaces. Over 50 in-person participants eagerly discussed music and technology while waiting for the talks to begin.

The event started off with an introduction on neural interfaces and a short lecture on how they work in music by Professor Eduardo Reck Miranda, from the University of Plymouth. Professor Miranda is a Brazilian composer and researcher who coined the term "brain-computer musical interface" (BCMI). Following Professor Miranda's scientific talk, Abbey Road introduced three startups making innovative strides in the neural interface and music industries. The startups featured were Neurable, BrainRap and MiSynth. Each startup had a chance to introduce the work they were doing followed by a short audience Q&A. There was lots of lively discussion on the future of brain-computer interfaces and optimizing data collected by electroencephalography (EEG). Although there is still much we don't know about the brain and aren't able to extract from it, the event gave an overarching summary of the direction in which brain-computer interfaces are being developed and applied to various industries.

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