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Audio R&D Scientist – Machine Learning & DSP


The Audio R&D Scientist is responsible for developing machine learning and audio signal processing algorithms for analyzing and converting EEG data from imagined sound into digital audio synthesis.

The position involves addressing specific challenges related to audio signal processing and optimization/machine learning that require in-depth experimentation and understanding. It involves surveying the literature, setting up test environments in MATLAB, participate in data collection, carrying out analysis of audio data, and developing algorithms on MATLAB and Python. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of neuroscience and EEG signal processing, machine learning and wearable brain-computer interfaces


  • Participate in the design and evaluation of machine learning and signal processing algorithms
  • Characterize audio signals using FFT, spectrograms, transient separation, formant analysis, envelope extraction, etc.
  • Implement feature extraction and audio processing algorithms based on DSP/ML in MATLAB/Python/JUCE, considering real-time and embedded systems implementation requirements
  • Summarize, document, and communicate findings, solutions, and strategies
  • Participate in acoustical measurements, data collection, develop experiment protocols, organize user studies
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Audio Software Engineer

New York Metropolitan Area

We're looking for someone who's enthusiastic about emerging music technology, brain-computer interfaces, and neuroscience. The ideal candidate is self-driven, can lead a team, is responsible, goal-oriented, willing to do research and learn new skills, and has an interest in music technology.


  • Develop technical aspects of the data acquisition method using EMOTIV Cortex API, machine learning model for reading and analyzing EEG signals, and user interface software plugin using JUCE or Max MSP
  • Experience with building and training machine learning models
  • Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency
  • Manage documentation and testing for software plugin
  • Build quality assurance and data protection processes
  • Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance
  • Use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology
  • Communicate technology strategy to partners and investors
  • Find and hire team members or partners to distribute work as needed
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TikTok Content Creator


We're looking for a native TikTok content creator and marketer who loves making trendy, comedic, and educational TikToks. The ideal candidate is someone who creates their own music using a computer and is passionate about emerging technology and the future.


  • Develop new and creative highly engaging content to grow our TikTok audiences
  • Be one of the faces of our company on TikTok to promote and highlight trending/relevant topics for brand awareness, follower growth and sales conversion
  • Respond and engage in real-time to posts, questions, comments
  • Work alongside department stakeholders to ensure that content is aligned with brand aesthetics and identity
  • Keep up with the latest social media trends such as but not limited to news, memes, celebrities, music, etc and find stylish and dynamic ways to promote the clothing and brand's ethos
  • Extremely tech-savvy, with strong communication skills
  • High-level understanding of TikTok platform and video editing
  • Knowledgeable and up-to-date in different social media trends and best practices
  • Understanding and ability to speak and report on TikTok's KPIs and metrics
  • Able to create at least one TikTok video per day
  • Committed to brand growth and ability to perform
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