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A revolutionary music software plugin that will allow musicians, songwriters and producers to synthesize sounds with the power of their imagination

Bridging the gap between your imagination and your music.

MiSynth uses synaptic technology and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to turn the sounds you hear in your head into a playable MIDI instrument.

Do you write your own songs but can't find the right producer to work with or have the skills to produce your own music? We take away that barrier.


Stop letting technical barriers get in the way of your creative flow! You do the fun part and we'll handle the sound design.

Sound Designers

Create any sound you think of instantly instead of spending tedious hours refining your sounds. Now, the possibilities are endless!


Explore new sounds and create your own synthesizers for your music. You don't need to let traditional instruments restrain you.


Tweak the timbre of your instrument using your imagination and let us help you find the perfect sound!


We make music production easier and more accessible for everyone. Easily integrate into any DAW and start making music.

Changing sound wave positions

Make music that sounds the way you want it to.

Blue monitor icon
Generated using neural audio synthesis.

We use neural network technology to generate sounds that are received from your brainwaves.

Paintbrush and canvas icon
Tweak it for optimal customization.

Like traditional wavetable software synthesizer plugins, we have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to adjust parameters of your synth until it's perfect.

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We are helping the next generation of musicians create music in a new and innovative way.