5 Perfect Gift Ideas For A Music Producer

Father and daughter playing piano together next to a Christmas tree

The holidays are here and you have no idea what to get your friend or family member who produces music. Here’s 5 gift ideas for any price range that every producer would love.

1. Music Production Book ($0-50 USD)

There’s always more to learn when it comes to music production. David Byrne, the author of How Music Works, founded Talking Heads, won a GRAMMY, Academy Award, Golden Globe and more for his music and film scoring, so who better to learn from than him? In this book David Byrne dives into just about every aspect of music, ranging from the making of, business, and cultural implications of music. This book is a great read for any music producer.

Buy How Music Works by David Byrne here.

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($0-50 USD)

Bluetooth speakers are a must have for producers who want to listen to music or produce music on the go. The Oontz Angle speaker has surprisingly good quality for a $30 speaker and seamlessly connects to any device instantly. 

Buy an Oontz Angle Portable Bluetooth Speaker here.

3. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator ($50-100 USD)

Pocket Operator by Teenage Engineering is a must have gadget for music producers. It’s an ultra portable synthesizer, drum machine, and more that outputs studio quality sound. Pocket Operator is great for producers to get their ideas out in a fun way on the go without the need for a studio. There are 9 editions of the Pocket Operator, each made for a slightly different purpose, however, you can’t go wrong with any of them! These are also one of the most affordable music production tools starting at only $49!

Buy a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator here.

4. Audio Software Plugins ($50+ USD)

There’s one thing that no music producer can get enough of: audio plugins! These virtual synthesizers and effects and the building blocks for any modern musical production. Plugins are made by a variety of companies and each one offers their own unique way of generating or effecting sounds. Since there are so many different plugins to choose from, it’s best to look at what the leading companies have to offer: Native Instruments, Izotope, and Arturia.

5. Professional Audio Recorder ($150+ USD)

As a music producer it’s easy to run out of inspiration and it can be a struggle to find or create new sounds. With an audio recorder like the Zoom H1n, any sound from a snap to a car going by can be recorded in high quality and imported directly into a computer to use in a new production. With this device the sky's the limit when it comes to recording new sounds. 

Buy the Zoom H1n Portable Audio Recorder here .

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